Larger and better-funded companies can seem to do things smaller firms cannot.  In reality, that isn’t true.  The biggest difference is that the larger companies have more staff – more people that can get more done.

If you own or manage a small firm, no matter what you do, you can increase your business.  Whether you own a funeral home, monument shop, casket company or other death care service or product business, you can do more – you may just have to be the catalyst to get it done.

Unfortunately, for me, there were things when I started my funeral home that I did not enjoy doing.  That may be true for you too, but maybe there is a way to get around it and employ some part-time help to get accomplished what needs to be done.  Decide what you are good at and delegate the rest of those tasks to your hired help to get things done.

To be successful you will need to:

  • Advertise
  • Have a social media presence
  • Have a modern website that is interactive.
  • Have an internet presence that is current and accurate.
  • Solicit 5-Star reviews on your business.
  • Stay in contact with your families and community.
  • Follow up with your recent customers. Let them know you appreciate their business.
  • Let your customers know all that you offer. Maybe you sell monuments, offer pet services or grief counseling.  Maybe you don’t offer any of these, but you can still get people to call YOU and YOU can earn money on these services.
  • Host events for veterans, churches, hospice organizations or other civic organizations. Educate them on veteran benefits, financial aid, pre-need.

If you need professional guidance, contact us at Decain. We offer business coaching that will help you run a more successful business – and we can help you prepare that business for sale when the time comes.