Let’s face it, the world is changing and technology is hard to keep up with.  If embracing technology isn’t something you have caught up with, it may be time that you consider the option.

In a different blog, I talked about decreasing call volume and annual revenues.  What if you could increase both call volume and annual revenues by implementing just a few new technologies into your business.  Don’t believe you can do that?  You can, PLUS you will likely reduce the amount of time you work each week by automating some things in your work process. 

In my time as a funeral homeowner, we introduced several technology products into our offerings.  By doing that we increased our average sale per family by $200-300.  Now, if you are serving 100 families per year.  That is $20,000-$30,000 in extra profit per year.  I am not advocating any one product or service, as what worked for us may not work for you.  But there are products out there that your families would embrace.  Especially when more and more families are choosing to personalize services.

There is also technology that will help you manage more tasks with less effort.  If you were like me, the one area I needed more help in was aftercare.  Sadly, we did not maintain an ongoing presence with the families we served as well as we should have.  The good news is that there are products and services out there that can do just that.  If you are not keeping your name in front of your families, trust me, someone will eventually work their way into your families’ hearts.  Loyalty and tradition are two words that do not mean much anymore. 

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