Advertising is expensive. Plus, how do you even know if it works? Honestly, some will show obvious return on investment, but others will be hard to gauge. Some will cost you money, while some will simply take your time. Both are hard commodities to let go of, especially since the funeral industry is demanding so much of your time.

Once, an obvious option was the newspaper. Granted, we cater to an aging population, but just look at the newspapers going out of business. Their readership is continuing to decrease and they are either being merged with other larger companies or going out of business altogether.

One option here is to let the local paper know when you have a unique service that you are hosting. We see all the time where a funeral home serving a family is doing something out of the ordinary. Little boy with superheroes themed funeral, golfer who had memorial at the golf course, veteran with no family had huge attendance because the funeral home made it known. Don’t be afraid to put it out there.

Let your obituaries be the talk of the town. I sadly admit that when I wrote them for families, a lot of the times I followed my usual layout and kept them simple. On the ones that I took extra time, I involved the family more and asked the right questions to better get to know the deceased. I wrote more meaningful interesting obituaries. Your community pays attention. Don’t think they don’t!

Social media is a great place to spend some dollars. Facebook is a great way to let the community know what you are doing. You can do regular posts on what you are doing to serve families different than your competitor. There are tools to help with advertising an event, to get more “Likes” or followers or even “call to action” posts.

Community Events are a great way to keep your name in front of your community. Veteran events especially are great exposure. Assist with putting flags on graves for Veterans day or wreaths for the holidays.

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